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We’re MD Oil Tank Removal Now, and we’re the experts when it comes to locating, disconnecting, and extracting underground and above-ground oil tanks, fuel tanks, and all other types of petroleum storage tanks.

Our team of professional, experience oil tank removal technicians has the skills and experience needed to quickly and safely remove your unwanted tank in a way that both minimizes the disruption to your property and complies fully with state laws and regulations regarding oil tank removal.

In Maryland, the removal of petroleum storage tanks is closely regulated by the Department of the Environment (MDE) in order to protect our soil and groundwater sources from contamination.

At Oil Tank Removal Now, all of our contractors are certified by the MDE – this means that all the work we do is fully compliant with MDE regulations. When you call us to take an old tank off your residential, commercial, farm, or industrial property, you can be confident that we’ll do the work in a way that’s safe, efficient, and reliable.

Selling An Older Home? Call Us First

Oil heating systems are common here in Maryland, and if your home was built before the mid-1960’s there’s a good chance you have a buried oil tank somewhere on your property.

While the vast majority of underground tanks remain stable and leak-free well beyond their expected service period, the fact is that over time, all metals will break down and begin to rust out when buried underground which can lead to soil contamination that the property owner is liable for – that’s why most Realtors recommend calling a Rockville, MD oil tank removal company before you list your home for sale.

Having your oil tank extracted before you sell your older home eliminates any concerns that can come from potential buyers about the presence of a tank on your property while protecting you against future lawsuits related to soil contamination from an old tank. Remember, simply filling up your old underground tank with sand or foam doesn’t eliminate your responsibilities related to your oil tank and in fact, trying to ‘cut corners’ by attempting to remove the tank yourself, fill it in, or even conceal it can be a costly mistake down the road.

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If you have an older tank on your property, the sooner you call us, the better. Over time all oil tanks eventually leak, which is why the safest, most affordable way to deal with an unused oil or fuel tank is to have it removed immediately.

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