Do you have an unused oil tank buried in your backyard? Has your insurance agent told you that your outdated fuel takes have to go? Are you planning on selling your home soon, and your Realtor has told you to have your underground storage tank removed before listing your property?

When you need a professional, full-service Severn Maryland oil tank removal company to extract your buried oil tank or remove an above-ground fuel tank, call us here at Maryland Tank Removal Now. We specialize in performing safe, efficient extractions of underground storage tanks for residential, commercial and industrial clients, and we take pride in providing superior customer service and high-quality workmanship.

Certified Severn Oil Tank Removal Technicians

Here in Maryland, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) closely regulates the removal of both above-ground and underground storage tanks in order to reduce the risk of soil and water contamination during the extraction process.

While smaller underground storage tanks (USTs) that have a capacity of 1,100 gallons or less which are used to store oil, gas, diesel, and any other petroleum products are largely exempt from state oil control regulations when it comes to removing these tanks, strict laws do apply.

As the leading provider of oil tank removal in Severn, Maryland, we ensure that all of our contractors hold current MDE-certification that ensures they have the skills and knowledge needed to remove your oil tank in a way that fully complies with state environmental regulations.

When you hire us to remove your old oil tank, you can be confident that we’ll perform the work quickly and safely while making every effort to minimize the disruption caused by having your oil or fuel tank taken out.

We’ll also ensure that all the required documentation is completed correctly so you have a verifiable record that confirms your oil tank was removed by a state-certified oil tank removal professional.

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