Oil tanks can potentially cause tremendous damage, both to humans and to the environment. Prompt removal is key to avoiding a hazardous chemical leakage, which compromises everything it touches.

When Should You Consider Professional Oil Tank Removal?

  • When you want to sell your property. You should have all old oil and fuel tanks removed from your property before you sell.
  • When you want to buy property. If there are any oil tanks on the potential purchase area, you need to have them removed. The seller is responsible for the removal cost.
  • When an oil or fuel tank is damaged. If rust or accident has compromised the tank, it will need to be removed promptly, before soil contamination occurs.
  • When you notice signs of a leak. If leakage is visible around the tank, immediate action in necessary to contain the damage to the environment. Soil excavation and replacement will be needed to make sure the space is safe.

You can trust the experienced professionals at MD Oil Tank Removal. We are your Germantown, Maryland oil tank removal experts, specializing in decommissioning, removing, and disposing of old oil and fuel tanks. We are Germantown’s number one excavation and removal service for many excellent reasons.

Quick Response. We understand the need to take care of potential risk factors quickly. We will remove your oil or fuel tank in a fast an efficient manner and take care of any emergency contamination issues.

Free Consultation & Estimate. We provide an inspection of your property and tank for removal. We will perform soil tests to check for leakage, assess your situation and options, and develop an action plan just for you, taking care of any remedial measures necessary.

Environmentally-Friendly Tank & Contamination Removal. Our professionals adhere to all government standards and regulations during your tank removal process. We use the latest tools and equipment, specifically designed for the job, to make your job site as safe as possible.

Experienced Professionals. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff and crew will make the whole process much easier for you. If you are unsure exactly what services you need, we can help you figure that out. Our skilled contractors are fully licensed by the state of Maryland, insured, and bonded. Our expert crews are prepared to handle any size or type oil or fuel tank removal.

Competitive Prices. We use cost-effective methods, so we can pass the savings on to you. We will work with you to discover an affordable solution that fits your needs.

Locally Owned & Operated. Like you, Germantown is our home and we are here to stay. When you trust us for your oil and fuel tank removal, you can be assured that we will be here long after the job is finished.

How We Can Help You

We offer a full range of oil tank and soil excavation, removal, and replacement services.

  • Above Ground Oil & Fuel Tank Removal
  • Soil Inspection & Remediation
  • Underground Oil Tank Removal & Replacement
  • Excavation Services
  • Vent Flushing
  • Home Heating Oil Tank Removal & Replacement
  • Soil Testing & Contamination Cleanup
  • Storm Water Drainage Systems